We are a mother-daughter team that enjoys creating and sharing our love for all things small. We make and create minis for 1:12 scale dollhouses, 1:24 scale dollhouses, 1:6 scale playscale fashion dolls, and 1:3 scale 18-inch dolls.

The pair of us have always liked to craft and create things. The ‘mother’, Beth, has been crafting most of her life, even having her own brick and mortar antique and craft shop for awhile before she had kids. Briana is the ‘daughter’ of the shop, she has been creating art for most of her life. She has in recent years gotten into the miniature dollhouses, and started making her own furniture and decor for the ones that she has made.
We wanted to be able to share the things that we have come to create and make over the years. This being said, you might never know what creations that you may find on here since both of us carry many different interests. From sewing, to clay, to minis, to beading, you can find a little bit of everything here. So look forward to all that we have to offer. Some things may be seasonal so keep checking back to see everything.

You can check out both our Pinterest and Instagram to see everything that we have made past and present.

If you see something that you just love, check out our etsy shop bnbkreationz.etsy.com , most everything has been for sale at one point and we do make custom orders for the miniature scales!