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Concrete Look Outdoor Coffee Table Tutorial

Today I wanted to explain how I made the concrete look outdoor coffee table that we recently added to our shop. It was a relatively simple and fun project so I thought it would be worthwhile to share in case you would like to make your own instead. It also would allow you to make […]

Welcome Again

Hello all! It has been a long while since we last posted anything to here, almost two years. We ended up taking an unexpected hiatus from blogging the last two years for personal reasons. We are hoping to get back to it for real this time and have lots of blog posts planned and prewritten, […]

Quick Update

I’d thought I’d share with you an update on our etsy shop, for two reason… One who doesn’t love tiny cute things and two I have a coupon code you all the use in our shop till July 10th. To celebrate the coming summer and all the new items set to invade our shop feed!!


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